Navid Reza Haghighi Mood was born on September 19, 1981 in Mashhad, Iran. After graduation from Chemical Engineering, he found himself a full-time photographer. At first, Navid was influenced by fine Art photography, but after a few years, he developed an interest for documentary.

Some of his prime activities include a solo exhibition he held in 2012 titled “The Stream of Life” which consisted of visual experience he had acquired in the variety of his journeys. In the year after, he released his first book: “The Forbidden Fruit” and hosted yet another exhibition titled “Photographic Flâneuring” which both were the fruit of years of documenting on the streets and flâneuring as a photographer. In recent years, by using contemporary forms of expression like multimedia, Navid has been embarking upon a new career path focusing on long-term projects

“To me, camera is a tool which merely observes”, says Navid. “Apparently, a picture is nothing but a visual record of what happens in front of the camera, but all the same, this very moment is only a glimpse of reality to me; the rest is an infinite world pulled out of its frame forever once the shot is taken. Similarly, it happens in fishing; when, out of nowhere, a prey is netted; then, it resists and refuses to be taken out. In my eyes, this binary quality in photography has always been unique.”

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Navid Haghighi

Graphic: Saeed Mazinani